Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recipe Swap!

Hey all you AiFactory fans! This week we are heading to the kitchen and swapping out recipes! WITH NEW RECIPE CARDS!!!!! Mia created these awesome recipe cards that are so fun to work with!

What's the challenge? We want your best recipe too!
Create a recipe card and include your favorite or best loved recipe!
We will be giving out $5 to spend at the store to the challenge winner.

Here's one way of incorporating your recipe card! This is from Michelle on our design team! She doesn't cook, so this recipe is perfect!

Isn't that cute and funny! Well, take this idea, or go through our design team blogs and find some inspiration for YOUR recipe cards!

We can't wait to swap! ;)

Kerry, Lola, Fink, Angie, Carole, Erin, Penny, Michelle, Fliss, Monica, Cheri & Carlie

Have a great day!


Hmmm - I was the only one who participated in the Love challenge and created a card for a chance to win a $5 voucher but I never did hear anything or receive the voucher...

Same thing with me....I won for the recipe challenge and never heard or received anything.